Big Brother Benny

Oh the sleepless nights continue as I near the end of my pregnancy. So many thoughts run through your head at 2 AM! One of my mommy thoughts is about my little guy, Ben. For the past several months we have been trying to prepare him for life as a BIG brother. He walks around with my studio prop doll, arm around it’s little neck and talks to her, feeds her a bottle and sometimes brings her into his bed to lay next to him on his pillow. It is the sweetest site! He has the big brother t-shirt, the big brother book and we talk about how he can help us care for this new little miracle after it comes out of mommy’s belly. He’s such a good hearted boy, I think he will manage just fine. Here is a shot of the little one a few weeks ago and my little guy at Green Spring Gardens last weekend.

Ultrasounds are so amazing!

I mentioned Benny’s girlfriend’s name “Talia” and he gave me a big smile.

He loves to knock on doors! Last Halloween he thought he could go to everyone’s doors a second and third time for more candy every time we went on a walk. This year, he invited himself in and bypassed the candy bowl.

How is it that all kids learn to say “Cheese” for the camera? Benny cannot get enough of these Thomas the Train shoes. He even wears them with his pajamas : )

A very concerned boy here. He knows that the itsy bitsy spider lives in the water spout and this one is all clogged up with mud. Oh to be a child again!


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