Alexander 5 Days Old

I love little babies! They are sweet and snuggly and oh so precious. It is a special moment when a little one enters the world. I know when my son Ben arrived, there was not a moment that I was not snapping away at his every blink, coo and expression. With two now, I finally relinquished some control and had a very talented friend of mine, Marian Lozano, capture some moments for me. I realized before my second child Emilyn was born, that when I was behind the camera documenting, trying not to miss a moment, I was missing out on experiencing those precious milestones with my family. It is oh so important to me to have the photographs, but I am so glad that I have allowed someone else to capture some of the moments for me this time around. To be a part of the ebb and flow of our family life is such a wonderful gift.

I love being able to do this same thing for my clients. Oh to see the sparkle in a new parent’s eye after they have their first baby. There is nothing quite like it. Little Alex is a sweet boy and so lucky to have two already fantastic parents.

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto039

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto040

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto041

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto042

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto043

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto044

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto045

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto046

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto047

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto048

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto049

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto050

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto051

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto052

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto053

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto054

Family Photographer LepoldPhoto055


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