Capturing Winter Warmth: A Beautiful Family Portrait Session at Green Spring Gardens Park

Winter in Northern Virginia may be chilly, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until spring to take beautiful family portraits. In a recent winter portrait session at Green Spring Gardens Park, I captured seasonal beauty and the warmth of family bonds.

Finding the Perfect Setting: Winter sessions can be tricky, so you have to seek out locations that bring out the best in the season. Green Spring Gardens Park, with its evergreens and charming historic house, proved to be the ideal backdrop. The presence of evergreen trees not only added beautiful texture and greenery to the winter landscape but also provided a natural contrast that made the portraits feel wintery and warm.

I am frequently asked: Can I bring our pets to my family portrait session? By all means, YES! These much loved family members are part of what makes your family unique. Pets also add to the fun and spontaneity of the session, creating some very fun memories. I love the pet portraits in this session. Everyone joined in for their close-ups too, which makes me smile each time I look through the photos.

Let Me Share a Secret with You: One of my secrets for crafting visually striking winter portraits is incorporating beautiful architecture into the scenes. Northern Virginia and Washington DC offer a rich tapestry of historic, iconic, and modern structures, providing ample opportunities for unique compositions. Framing families artistically against these architectural backgrounds, adds an element of sophistication to the portraits, elevating them from simple snapshots to timeless keepsakes.


Pamela Lepold’s journey in photography spans over two decades, capturing the essence of family life, weddings, and corporate events. Her commitment to creating timeless images that reflect the unique stories of her clients is evident in every frame. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Pamela turns each session into an opportunity to freeze moments in time.


Welcome to my blog! Here I share everything from wedding days, newborn portraits, family sessions, events, and little bits of my life. I'm so happy you are taking this journey with me. AIways feel free to send me a note or connect with me on social media. I would love to hear from you!


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