Kahlia 3 Months Old | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

I absolutely love babies. I think this passion of mine comes from my mom. We call her the “baby whisperer”. She can calm any infant in a matter of seconds and is so loving and wonderful with all children.

This little angel was my first newborn session of the year. Kahlia is a gorgeous baby girl with striking eyes and delicate features. She was born 8 weeks early so she is still tiny for a 3 month old… weighing only 9 lbs. As you can see, she is happy, healthy and well loved. Ronla and Prince are showering her with kisses night and day. Some of my favorite moments are the tender touches and kisses they gave her during our session. I feel endeared that they shared these moments with me. The beautiful pictures will continue to tell the story of their growing love for Kahlia for many years to come.

I think because I am a mommy I really love this image. There is special connection that a mother shares with her child. I love the delicate touch and the soft embrace.

This photograph shows how Kahlia is going to get her way with daddy! I could not resist those eyes.

A note – Awhhhhh Pamela!! My heart is absolutely melting! These are AMAZING!! Ronla


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