Max Turns One | NOVA Family Photographer

Max turned one on the day of his session. What a great way to start the day! He brought along his best friend and pup Ziggy who really wanted to have a bite of Max’s birthday cake. The last few portraits are so funny with Ziggy looking longingly at Max covered in icing and just wanting a lick! Max was more interested in eating a leaf than his Superman cake! A fun day!

001 LepoldPhotography

002 LepoldPhotography

003 LepoldPhotography

004 LepoldPhotography

005 LepoldPhotography

006 LepoldPhotography

007 LepoldPhotography

008 LepoldPhotography

009 LepoldPhotography

010 LepoldPhotography

011 LepoldPhotography

012 LepoldPhotography

013 LepoldPhotography

014 LepoldPhotography

015 LepoldPhotography

016 LepoldPhotography

017 LepoldPhotography

018 LepoldPhotography

019 LepoldPhotography

020 LepoldPhotography

021 LepoldPhotography

022 LepoldPhotography

023 LepoldPhotography

024 LepoldPhotography

025 LepoldPhotography


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