My Easter Bunnies

Now for some embarrassing fun! My hubby hates it when I do silly things to our kids. I found these bunny ears at the party store while shopping for my little sister’s baby shower. They were so cute, I just couldn’t resist trying to get a few shots of Emilyn and Benjamin in the fluffy ears. Yes, and Daisy too!
001 Easter Portraits LepoldPhotography

002 Easter Portraits LepoldPhotography

003 Easter Portraits LepoldPhotography

004 Easter Portraits LepoldPhotography

005 Easter Portraits LepoldPhotography

006 Easter Portraits LepoldPhotography

Now that Ben is older, I have to bargain with him to let me be the one taking the photos. So… after our shoot, I had to give him a go behind the lens. He was very specific about what he wanted me to do. “Momma, stand on your head!” I have not done a head stand in 20 years, but I gave it a go. I did it and Ben got the proof. He even lifted the camera to take a shot after I fell over. I was so proud! (However, that shot is not included in the post!)


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