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📸 I couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek into Caroline’s newborn portraits. She was just 1 week old when I captured her first portraits. 🤱✨

🏡 These days, most of my newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home. In anticipation of my arrival, I tease about moving in when I come to photograph your baby. I am only half joking! I bring a lot of equipment when photographing newborns and have a variety of props and wraps too! I enjoy creating both the adorable sleepy poses and the heart warming portraits with mom, dad, and your furry friends around your home. 🌈

💤 Baby Caroline was an absolute angel during her session. She would gently whimper when hungry and then peacefully settle back down. 🙏 Such a joyful and content baby and every newborn photographer’s dream! 🥰

🐼 I couldn’t help but fall in love with the adorable panda bear Gina and Michael bought on their honeymoon. They purchased it with the anticipation of having it for their first child. It has become a cherished keepsake and I was thrilled to incorporate it into Caroline’s newborn portraits. 🎁💕

🎉 I’m honored to have immortalized these beautiful moments for Caroline and her family. Congratulations, Gina and Michael!🎀



Welcome to my blog! Here I share everything from wedding days, newborn portraits, family sessions, events, and little bits of my life. I'm so happy you are taking this journey with me. AIways feel free to send me a note or connect with me on social media. I would love to hear from you!


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