Squirrel = Inspiration?

My parents gave me my very first camera when I was 10 years old. It was a Le Click Camera… a point and shoot film camera that used film mounted on a little circle disk. It was gray and purple with a long string you could put around your neck so you didn’t drop it. I loved taking pictures of my family and around our big backyard. One day I felt especially inspired and took an entire roll of film of a squirrel running around. When my mom processed the film and saw the pictures, let’s just say she wasn’t as thrilled as I was! From that point on I had to use my allowance to pay for my own film and processing.

Today, I thought I would try and get a photo of a squirrel for my blog post and it was harder than I remembered. We live in the woods so squirrels are a dime a dozen, unless of course you actually want to see one. I laid out the bait and waited. No squirrels were tempted. I started traipsing around my backyard and could not believe there was not one in sight! I started investigating my neighbor’s yard… she is mother nature to all living animals so I thought there would be families of squirrels dining on her deck. Not a one.

I keep checking back, looking at my scrumptious offering of roasted peanuts out for the taking, making certain these sneaky buggers aren’t eating my peanuts while I’m out looking for them. Everything is still untouched. Time to go on the offensive.

I finally spot a squirrel two houses away and I chase after this little guy in my bare feet, acorns and sticks stabbing them. All the while I’m hoping in the back of my mind that this will be worth it! Gotcha!

Never satisfied with just one or two shots, I keep looking for my next furry subject. After a few minutes, I know all hope is lost. My husband sends out our squirrel chaser, Daisy and my son. I ask Benny, where are all the squirrels? He points out to the yard, like it’s obvious mommy, they’re out there!


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